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  • I live in New Mexico (Yes it is in the US, NOT Mexico)
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is - wait, is mayonnaise an occupation?
  • I am an evil overlord who searches the world for demons that shall submit to my tyrannical rule
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  • Hi!

    Just wanted to inform you that I've removed your Trampoline page because it was lacking content and was un-stubbed.

    If you aren't able to complete a page, create what you can and stub it so others know that it needs to be worked on. If you can't add any content, don't create the page at all, as other people will be able to find it through redlinks (links to non-existent pages) and know it needs to be worked on.

    I know it seems like I broke my own rules with the Glass Eye Gone page (which is where I'm assuming you took inspiration from), but the difference there is that Quest pages are vastly different than Item pages and are usually done by staff (AKA me), so I put it there so the other users and staff know not to edit the page while I'm working on it (since Quest pages take a lot longer to make). This is not the case for Item pages.

    Refer to our Article Creation Guide for more information!



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    • Ah okay that makes sense :,)

      Could I possibly recreate it immediately? As of the time I saw this, I am working on the page, since that window hasn't registered the fact that the page has been deleted. If I were allowed to do this, I could just publish it as soon as I add all the nescessary info. Thanks!


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    • Ah, alright, that'd be awesome actually! I'd suggest copying all of the content before saving just in case the wiki deletes it on accident. For future reference, just don't hit "Publish" until you're done making the page :D

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    • Okay! I'm currently working on the infobox, so I'll migrate that over to a new page momentarily. Thank you for the help!

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  • ➤ Welcome to the Wiki!

    Hello there! I'm a bot here on the Feral Wiki. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Enigmas!

    If you'd like to stick around, you should check out our Policies before proceeding. You can check out our help pages as well if you need help getting started and you can contact an administrator if you have any questions.

    Enjoy your time at Feral Wiki!

    JayyBot (talk) 22:40, May 23, 2020 (UTC)

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